My auntie is coming to visit!!!!!

My auntie has already arrived last night very late she was very tired and went straight to bed. I love it when people out of my big family arrive to stay with us. I have lot’s of auntie’s and uncles . I have lot’s of proof  because my dad had six sisters and my mum has one brother how cool!

Two Quick spin the dial stories!

A sorcey story about a magic jelly fish who grows large cherries:

Zzzz, my magic sword spade is fianlly finished. I’ve waited for this moment for a really, really long time. Now I can grow super sized cherries the biggest in the world mwwha hahaha mwwha hahahaha.


Sscchhrreecchh, Wow I had a amazing time with that kangaroo. But he did seem a little angry and I think I did hear him say he wanted to be invisable.  Wait were the heck am I???