Dress Up Day!!!

On the 22th of the 8th 2013 we had dress up day!

Everybody looked fantastic I dressed up as the leopard from “How the Leopard got it’s spots”. My friend Grace dressed up as Lucy From “Narnia” and my other friend Melina dressed up as Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter.   We had lots of fun and in the afternoon we had a parade and all of us looked  really realistic!

Bike ed for the year 4’s Day 1

The year four’s are doing Bike Ed!

Today and Tomorrow we are doing Bike ed. It is so fun yesterday was the first day and we got split up in two groups of year fours . Group one went first.

Then group two went, while group one was having there lesson. Group two went in with the year three’s and helped them make Pizza! After recess the

second group went. We got owe bike’s and started strait away. We learnt how to check our

helmets and bike’s and they gave us some easy tip’s to follow.

Then it was bike riding time we played games like Musical bike’s,The slowest wins and lot’s more after that we did dodging cone’s and riding around in a

square one after another.

then it was lunch time and it was hot dog day so I got a hot dog in bread and a drink.