Application to be in 5/6B

Dear Lee and Classmates,

I  would absolutely love to be in this classroom in 2014 because it sure will be fun!

The first quality I will bring is laughter and joy because when I am very funny once you get to now me.

The second quality is creativeness because I love using a pencil and piece of paper to draw things. Sometimes I do drawing competitions with my sister.

The third quality is if someone needs help them feel better so that we can continue with what we are doing.

For my conclusion I do hope you would let me be in your class for 2014. I will bring laughter and joy, creativeness and care!

From Ruby


100 WC week 23#

As I walked on the the rough path hot and bored I found my self at a dead end. The dead end was a small pile of dirt double my size as I was pushing through the earth I heard some strange noise ,like tractors. As I got through the first pile there became a second pile of dirt! I thought to myself have these been put here intentionally ,to stop me from getting through. I was coming to the end when then again I heard that weird noise Where was my house now? Where was I to live?

100 WC Week 22

As my friends and I followed the path to the the next halloween house in the woods, something was following us. But when we turned around nothing was there. As my friends and I approached the door we heard a howl. Ignore it I said ! It is all the sound affects of the  house I ‘m sure of it! As the door opened the lights started to flicker ,all of us backed away from the door . Lets go ! All of us turned and ran. All of a sudden every thing got blurry  and one by one we dropped!

The Smart guide to Socialising on the internet ( my version )

Social Networking can be dangerous . Say no to Cyber Bulling  and act if you see it. Keep your identity information such as Phone numbers and addresses personal. Don’t post photos of your self with information of where you are, That can be dangerous! Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want to see yourself. Consider checking and meeting a friend that you have never met online, in a public place. During the day and with a trusted adult and Don’t be inappropriate!

Student representative letter

Dear Students and Teachers,

This is my 6th year at school I would like to represent our class in the SRC. I am running for this because one of my goals is to take on a leader ship roll in the school community. I would be a hard worker and willing to listen to all ideas to make our school a better place to learn!I will respect and care for all students. This is important as we are all different and is important that we respect each other’s differences. I think it is important to look after the Younger students, especially the preps and ones as they will be leaders too.

I will collaborate well with all SRC, councils and teachers because it is easier to get things done together as a team. So this is why I would like to be apart of the SRC team. I hope you would like me to represent you.

From Ruby

Math’s Mate Term 1 Sheet 3

Predict: I predict it is going to be about Subtraction and Problem solving.

Read: Fill in the missing digits in the subtraction.

Clarify: None

Big Question: Fill in the missing digits in the subtraction.

Solve:I took 6 and subtracted 4  and ended up with 2 then I had 9 and subtracted 2  and equaled 7 Then the next one said  something take away 5 equals 1 so I put 6 there and it equaled 1!

Summary: This problem solving activity was mostly about subtraction and playing with numbers to see if it would go with the numbers. The problem wasn’t confusing but was a bit tricky!

696 – 524 = 172

100 WC 21

A meeting was held across the country to decide whether  the haunted house of Melbourne  was going to be replaced with Victorians mansion. As the Prime Minister spoke he said I declare that the new Victorians mansion will be provided with a 100 m long pool ,8 bedrooms ,4 toilets ,2  bathroom’s A running track and lot’s more facilities. We will wreck that house we will build a new house and it will be called the Victorians mansion. The next week the house was wreaked or in other words squashed done for. And as the new house was built the evil spirits came out and rose on the house!

Superspell Results Sheet

Spelling Skills Established

  • 3 letter consonant Vowel-Consonant words
  • 2 letter Final Consonant Blends
  • Initial & Final Consonant Blend in the 1 word
  • Digraph- Consonant Blends
  • Plurals
  • Multisyllabic words (short  vowel  sound)

Spelling Skills Partially Established

  • 2 & 3 Initial Consonant Blends
  • Consonant digraph – ck, wh, sh, ch, th
  • Double  consonants

Spelling Skills Not Established

  • None

Maths Mate Term 1 Sheet 2

Predict: I predict it is going to do with subtraction  ,addition and problem solving

Read: Fill in the missing numbers

Clarify: None

Big Question: Fill in the missing

Mathematicians toolbox: Guess, Check and Improve

Solve: I took 45 and subtracted 37 to get 8 and added 20 to get 28

Summary: This Problem Solving activity was mostly about subtraction and addition, it was an easy problem but was a little tricky when it was the subtraction part but I got through it.

45 – 37 + 20 = 28

Math Mate term 1 sheet 1

Predict: I thought it was going to be about addition and problem solving.

Read: Fill in the missing number

Clarify: None

Big Question: Fill in the missing number

Mathematicians Toolbox: Write a sum or number sentence

Solve: I added 13 and 35 together which made 48 then I added 2 to 48 which equals 50 then I added 30 to get to 80 so that was how I worked it out!

Summary: This question was mostly about addition and problem solving because when I solved it out I looked at the sheet and I had actually put add in lot’s


 13 + 32 + 35 =80