BTN: Sport Supplements!

3 Recalls: I know now that sport supplements do not help you at all as long as you have a healthy diet you are very healthy. I also know that when you take a sport supplement it does not do anything to you at all. I also know that sport supplements are for grown adults not a child still developing.

2 Understandings: I understand that when you take sport powders they are doing nothing to you at all. I also understand if you have all the 5 food groups in a day you will get a better,  healthier body.

1 Question: What is in a sport supplement?


Text Type Story

The Launtry family had just moved into there new house where they thought it wasn’t old. But it was very old.

Kaylee and Emma looked through the rooms and they picked the two rooms next to each other. The girls started unpacking and putting away there things in there draws and closet. It took them all day to get fully unpacked. All was left in there rooms where the boxes to put away. They got up and went downstairs where no one was there. “Where are they” Asked Kaylee. But there was no answer. She walked around the house where she saw a white floating thing was in Emma’s room. Emma and the rest of the family was in there. But they were not awake only Emma was. “RUN!” Screamed Emma. But it was to late Kaylee had been taken to.    

Maths Mate Term 3 – Sheet 3

Predict: I predict it is going to be about drawing a diagram and problem solving.

Read: A number of cricketers are standing in a circle. They are evenly spaced and the second cricketer is directly opposite the sixth player. How many cricketers are there altogether?

Clarify: None

Big Question: How many cricketers are there altogether?

Mathematicians Toolbox: Draw a diagram or a picture.

Solve: Firstly I drew a big circle and at the top I drew the number 2 and at the bottom I drew the number 6. I then drew the numbers from 2 to 6 which are 3, 4 and 5. I figured if there are 3 on that side there are 3 on the other side so I wrote 7, 8 and 1. The answer was 8.

Summary: It was very easy and I think drawing a picture or a diagram really helps.

100 Word Challenge Week #39

I walked through the forest and saw that the forest seemed alive as there where growing pink, purple and blue flowers. I got into the middle of the forest where I set up camp. I looked through the canopy, it was quite thick so if it rained I wouldn’t get wet. It got dark I lit the fire and sat down. After I had finished I went to bed. But lay awake.  The next thing I knew I was attacked. Days after people came looking for me and found me dead. That is how I am telling you this right now.

BTN: Metalwork Kid

3 Recalls: I know now that Metal junk can be reused by making sculptors. I also now that a few sketches and a couple pieces of metal you can turn into pieces of art. I also know that if you work hard on something you might just achieve your it.

2 Understandings: I understand that the more hard work you put into finishing something the closer you are to finishing it. I also understand that metal junk can look really affective and it can turn out really good .

1 Question: What is welding?

Preventing Rust!

The last couple of days we did a science experiment and it was to prevent rusting me and my partner India used oil to prevent rust and as you can see on our POE chart it worked because we prevented rust. A POE chart stands for Predict Observe Explain . Predict is when you predict what happens. Observe is when you observe what happens, Explain is when you explain what happened and why it happened. Here is our POE chart on how to prevent rust.


Term 2 Unit Reflection

This term the year 5/6 have been working on  chemical change. We went to GTAC (Gene Technology Access Center) And they also came to use we had 5 incursions with GTAC and 1 excursion when we went to GTAC. I will show you: 3 facts, 2 understanding and 1 question of what I learnt about our unit chemical change.

3 Facts I Learnt were:

  • I learnt that the particles in a solid are tightly packed together. That is what makes it solid and sometimes unbreakable but not always easy to break. That is also why solids can’t be compressed because the atoms are packed so tightly.
  • I also learnt that the particles in a liquid are closely packed together. That is what makes it runny and not so easy to compress also because the atoms do bounce around a little bit because they are not packed so tightly but hey are packed closely.
  • I also learnt that the particles in a gas are spaced out. That makes it very easy to compress and easy to walk or move through because they are spaced out.

2 Understanding I now have:

  • I now understand that chemical change can affect: size, color, temperature, The state of matter and turning into another state of matter. That is why it is called chemical change because it has a chemical reaction and changes in one of those ways.
  • I also understand that a science prac report includes a: Aim, The materials, The method, The results, A Hypotheses and a conclusion. And also after all of those you include necessary information. You also need a title of the experiment your doing so people know what it is.

1 wondering I have is:  

  • I wonder what the word Phosphate means?

What were the most important things I learnt?

The most important thing that I learnt was that everything in the world is a state of matter. And also that changing state means that you change the original state of what it started of to be. Like if you boil water your changing the state and if you let it cool down it is going back to its original state.

How did I learn it?

I learnt that everything is a state of matter by having several lessons on matter. I also learnt what changing state means by having a couple of lessons on it and also by boiling water and letting it cool down.

What am I going to do with what I have learnt?

Use it for when I go to high school because it will be very helpful and also in the next semester of learning about a multiple of science things like forensic science . You never now what you could do with learning about it.

100 Word Challenge Week 40#

“Okay men” Said the leader of the group ( The Poachers) . “We want to kill all snow leopards” He said in a harsh way. “So lets get to work”. The men walked out of the hut grabbing guns and coats. So they where ready to kill. But one of them was slow he was the new member.The leader said again ” You are to come with me”. The new member watched the boys kill all snow leopards. “Your turn” Said the leader. “Okay” He aimed at the leopard “Shoot” Said the leader. “But I’am afraid it’s the last one ,”  he said “I can’t do it”.

A Windy Day!

“Bye” I screamed as Ella, Kira, Caelen and I skipped of to the playground. We all raced to the swings as we usally did. I got the swing that I wanted and started swinging. “Whosh” The wind was getting stronger. “Whoosh” This time it was neally picking Kira off the ground (The smallest one) “Whooosh” This time it did. “Grab her” I yelled.

We pulled he down and got into the cubby house. In the cubby house the wind got stronger and stronger and we where waiting for the wing to die down. “We have to wait, in here we are safe” I said “Are you sure” Asked Ella . “Yes” I said lying through my teeth.

I stepped outside with Kira on my back and Ella and Caelen at my sides. Holding my hands. We walked, and when the wind blew it made the sound. “Whoosh” We jumped to the ground. We had made it to my caravan where we where safe. Away from the wind.

Maths Mate Term 1 – Sheet 2

Predict: I predict it is going to be about addition and problem solving.

Read: Towns A and F are to be connected by fibre optics cables along existing roads. Calculating the minimum length of cable required. ( Each town must be connected to at least one other town. All distances are in kilometres.)

Clarify: None

Big Question: How much cable is required?

Mathematicians Toolbox:  Write a number sentence.

Solve: There where a matter of numbers the numbers where: 12, 15, 23, 21, 23, 18, 15 and 14. I added them all up to get my answer which was 141.

Summary: It was an easy addition problem.