BTN: Aspergers

3 Recalls: Aspergers is not a disease and you can not catch it. You are born with Aspergers. Aspergers is a form of autism.

2 Understandings: I understand that people who have Aspergers  aren’t very different to me.

1 Question: How are people with Asperges born with it?


100 Word Challenge Week#3

As Melissa Looked over the bridge something was in the water it didn’t look right. She turned to her mum who was looking at a map curiously . But then when she turned back into the water it wasn’t there. She knew from that second and on something was in the water.

Melissa of course loved France she had always thought about going and thinking how wonderful it would be. But the thought that something was in the water made her shiver. Melissa had been told before that she had a very imaginative imagination. But know she was truly doubting it.

100 Word Challenge Week 2

Ruby’s birthday was on September the first the first day of spring. She looked forward to it each year not only because she got presents but because she got a warm day to celebrate her birthday. The sun was always so yellow. The grass so green. The spring baby’s new born and the flowers so colorful. But this year her mother looked at the forecast it was going to rain. She told Ruby, she was devastated.

But the morning Ruby woke up she could she light out the window. She looked outside.

” But it is yellow ,the sun”Ruby said amazed

” What?” Her mother said confused

100 Word Challenge # Week 1

Once there was a girl named Linda. She was naughty, almost every night she came home late from studying. She got all her homework done, but always forgot to get home. And got in trouble.

One day after studying she walked home when she realized somebody was following her. She started to freak out and get nervous. But when ever she turned around nobody was there. She heard footsteps and got nervous. At that time she turned around and it was a lady running with her dog. She reached her home.

Where here mum said “finally we can make a start at dinner”. But somebody was watching.