2015 Teachers Letter


Next year I am looking forward for being at the top of the school. Not only are there more opportunities for roles and I will be the one who is setting all the examples. There are a lot more opportunities in year six because we are the most mature and oldest. The roles are: School Captain, House Captain, Costal ambassador, Science Monitor, Library Monitor, MVIMP captains and Tournaments of mind captain.

All these opportunities are from a large range of choices that is why I would like to be at the top of the school. I would like to talk about examples.

Next year I will be the one setting all the examples so that means I have to become more mature, when I mean mature I mean being the one who is setting all the examples in the right way.

I am looking forward to going to camp which will be Phillip Island hopefully I will have lots of fun having a go in all the activity’s. Seeing it will be my last year in primary school.

I am also looking forward to having lots of homework I know that might sound weird but I am exited of having the maturity  of doing a lot of homework like:  Hot Maths, Spelling, 100 Word Challenge, Behind the News and Reading it should be a lot of fun.

Next year I am going to be a bit sad because I am leaving all the people who have been in my class in the past and going our separate ways to high school. And considering I will be going to an all-girls school it will be my last year of being in a girl and boy school.

I think you would like me in your class because I am funny ,caring and always positive. If someone is sad I can us my skills and help them fell a lot better. I can cheer them up in a really positive way and help them get on with what they’re doing. That is why I’m excited for 2015.

From Ruby.

BTN: Aussie News

3 Recall: I recall that Peter Mosgrove is the Governor general. Also that Australia had a tough budget this year.  Also that things have to go through the Senate before becoming a law.

2 Understanding: I understand that Australia was in a tough budget. And that different cultures do different things.

1 Question: why do different cultures do different things?

100 Word Challenge Week#15

Dear Santa,

I would like for there to be a new and big Christmas shop. It would be a  big store with anything you could ask for: Bikes, Ovens and even animals. The store would have a big celebration for Christmas time. Like I said before it had everything from strange to awesome. They would decorate the shop with green and red. And when the shop keepers opened all the doors they would be nervous but be excited at the same time.

Thanks santa that is what I would like for Chrismas.

P.S. Where do you live?

Camp Canberra Reflection

The day started at 6:00 in the morning and my feelings for getting on the bus where excited and nervous. And I couldn’t wait to now who was going to be in my cabin. And I absolutely couldn’t wait to go to the old and new parliament houses.


When we drove in we were greeted by the natives, the Kangaroos and there was about 21 of them.

Last night I found out that Mali, Maya and I were in the same cabin and we were so excited that we forgot which cabin we were in. We visited the 78 Embassy’s that were from all around the world. It was a really good experience because all the country’s embassies were really different and they showed a lot of culture. And we also went to the music and sound archive. Were we saw Felix the cat and Skippy the kangaroo. We learnt that all the movies and series in the early 1900’s were on a tape called nitrate film.

After that we went to Questacon where I went on the vertical slide (Awesome). And then I went to see some of the exhibitions and it was really cool. For our evening activity after dinner we went to the Australian instituted of sports and swam in the pool it was really cool and it was so much fun.


This was caged Lightning in Questacon in went on for about 30 seconds and it was really cool.

On Wednesday we went to the Electoral Education centre where I learnt about voting and democracy. It was really fun because we did a vote and Mrs Peach won….YAAHHHHHH. After that we went to the museum of Australian Democracy which was in the old parliament house and it was really exiting because we got to sit in the old house of representative and I saw a replica of the mace which they have to have in the room when there is a debate going on.After that we went to the Australian war memorial were I learnt about weapons and to be honest I didn’t know there was so many. We then went to a ceremony of the many people how went to war. It was really quite sad but I am grateful because my great grandfather survived the war.


This is a photo of some of the names who died in war. There are thousands more.

For our evening activity we went to the Black Tower which was really cool but scary at the same time because we were so high above ground but it was awesome cause we could see the whole of Canberra. I wish I could of went back to the black tower again and gotten something from the gift shop because that was one of my most favourite places.


This was the view from the Black Tower when the sun is setting it was really beautiful.

On Thursday we went to the new parliament house where we meet Joanne Ryan and Bill Shorten, it was super cool. Then after that we went to CSIRO and it was awesome I learnt about so many things and the coolest thing to do there was the hands on lab it was awesome because we could look through  microscopes and play with pea juice DNA. And there was a rope tie activity which was really hard but Mali and I worked it out.


This was the view from the new parliament house it was symmetrical the whole way down to the war memorial.


This was the flag above the parliament house and it is way bigger in life size ,it is awesome.

Then we went to the Australian Institute of Sports. And we had a tour where we went to the: swimming pool, volleyball Courts, gymnasium and the gym where we saw the Diamonds (Australian Netball Team) warming up. Then after that we played games like: Soccer, Hockey, Sock Wrestling and Volleyball it was absolutely awesome .When we went back to camp we had our movie night and watched “Mr Peaboby and Sherman “.


These are the Diamonds the Australian Netball Team warming up in the gym.

On Friday it was time to go home and when I got back to school I was so excited to see my mum. But quite sad because when I left for camp I was super exited and now it is over I wish I could go back to the: AIS, Australian War Memorial, Old and new parliament house, Questacon, CSIRO, National Film and Sound Archive, Black Tower and the Museum of Australia. Because it was all so much fun.

Changing State: Separating Mixtures

When Separating mixtures there are lots of methods like filtration. Filtration is when you have  dirty water and with a cloth you separate the dirt and muck in the water. There also is evaporation. Evaporation is when you have something like salt in your water and you have a hot stove with the dirty water in a special beaker. Then the heat will affect the water and change it into a gas only leaving the dirt. Some mixtures can be difficult to separate though.The last method of separating  mixtures can be flocculant. Flocculant  is when you add a chemical that picks up all the dirt and attaches the dirt to it self and floats to the top. That is when filtration comes in you can then filter the good water from the bad dirt in the water. Then there might be some salt in the water you can then put the water  over something hot and it will then separate the salt and the water!

Maths Mate Term 2- Week 8

Predict: I predict it is going to be about Problem Solving and addition.

Read: Ian started with the same number of marbles as his brother Francis. After winning 4 marbles from Francis. Ian realises  he now has twice as many marbles as his brother.How many marbles does Ian have now?

Clarify: None

Big Question: How many marbles does Ian have now?

Mathematicians Toolbox: Make a number sentence.




How to make a sandwich!

Here is a  easy and delicious way to make a tasty sandwich for lunch.

Ingredients: 2 pieces of white bread, 2 pieces of lettuce, 2 pieces of tomato, Butter, 2 Pieces of cheese, 2 Pieces of ham, 2 knifes, 1 chopping board and 1 Plate.


  1. First take the 2 pieces of bread and lay them on the chopping board.
  2. Secondly spread the butter on 1 piece of the bread.
  3. Lay 1 piece of the cheese on top of the bread.
  4. Then lay 1 Piece of the tomato on the cheese and put 1 piece of the lettuce on the tomato.
  5. After that lay the  1 piece of ham on top.
  6. Then on top of the ham put the 2nd piece of cheese, tomato, lettuce and ham on top.
  7. After that put the other piece of bread on.
  8. With the knife slice it in half and then into quarters.
  9. Enjoy your sandwich.

Now you will have a home made sandwich to enjoy. And how easy was it?


Maths Mate Term 3 – Sheet 8

Predict: I predict it is going to be about addition. I may need to find a pattern

Read: Complete the addition table.

Clarify: None

Big Question: None

Mathematicians Toolbox: Find a pattern

Solve:First of all I solved out the easiest numbers and then went on to the hardest ones. Then I figured out that there was no pattern it was just random. I did see some similar numbers.

Summary: It was an easy task to complete. I found that if there is no pattern there is basically no order.

School Captain Application

Dear Teachers and student’s,

My name is Ruby. I have been at this school since prep and would like to give the school all those years back. I have been in the green team and am looking forward to being at the top of the school in year six.

I think it would be a great because when I talk I am confidant and am not afraid if I am talking to a big crowd or a small crowd. Being a confidant speaker is important for this role because talking in front of the whole school or in front of the teachers and principals can be quite serious. I understand that I will be working with kids of all ages.

That work that goes into those assembly’s or speeches for other important reasons. I understand aren’t as easy as they may look. For example for sport this term we have been looking at the work behind the scenes for gala and winter sport. We were split up into teams where there places we had to fill. And I became the coach.

I have had experience on taking on leadership roles before, if you don’t already know I take my netball very seriously. I tried out for a representative team and got in I do weekly tournaments all over Melbourne that means getting up early in the morning. And getting prepared and staying organised. Also staying focused at school which is the place where I learn and communicate with my friends. In a netball game I am determined to stay at the top of the game. And I am willing to do that with my school captain roll.

I enjoy being part of a team and helping other people when I can. At the last second or weeks before to improve or redo something I am willing to do. I would like to talk about the core values of our school. Respect, I understand that respecting people of all ages also a big part to communication. Optimism I would be very optimistic and I understand that I will have to be optimistic to kinds of situations. Care I will care to all students and be very caring to all. Collaboration is the last of our values and I already think I am great at collaborating with other people.

Thank you for listening on why I believe I would be a great school captain.

Kind Regards


Terror on The Road

 “Ready Set go” The challenge had started and Ebony’s team was ready to go the left school when they came across a bridge from there they waited for a bus . the one thing they didn’t notice was that they where getting closer to the road. After a while they stated getting mad at each other and telling each other to be quiet. Then one of the pushed each other onto the road and just before she took a step n the road somebody pulled her back.