Visual Arts Leader Application

Hi I am Ruby,

I think I would be a great  Visual Arts Leader because.

I am very artistic and I have lots of great artistic ability’s and ideas. And I am a very hard worker.

Firstly I love being creative and making stuff like chair bags like the one on my chair because if you ask my mum I helped her sew it up with the sewing machine. I also designed it and made it so it works really well to make me organised.

Secondly I am also very organised I have a timetable for homework and a timetable for the week. I always pack my netball bag the night before, and I have proof of this because I have never forgotten my netball uniform even ask my mum.

Thirdly I am a very hard worker I always  work hard in class to my full potential and love working with others to be very collaborative.

That is why I think I would be a great Visual Arts Leader

Thank You!

Buddies 2015

This year all year 5’s and year 6’s where assigned to a buddy. Some preps got two older buddies like my buddy Isla did last year and I shared with Samantha. This year I have a prep buddy to my self I got a little boy named Joseph. I really wanted a girl but I think Joseph is really nice and funny so I am happy I got him. The first lesson was all about getting to know each other. But for this lesson it was all about birthdays. Joseph is turning 5 and his birthday is on the 17th of March.

I have a photo of us doing our paper birthday cakes with candles, lollies and his favorite M’N’M’s ( They are not real food.)


100 Word Challenge #23

I woke up this morning and I went into the lounge-room I went to sit down on the couch when I looked at all the details it looked sort of like black marble and it had a similarity to cobblestones. I sat down on it it felt hard as if it was made out of marble or cobblestones. I sat there for a while when I started to get hungry I got up and made myself breakfast which was bacon and eggs I stood next to the stove while the bacon sizzled away. I walked back into the lounge-room and I was standing outside.

BTN: Handwriting

This BTN report was all about Handwriting it said that  Handwriting is a bit out dated because of electronics.I understand that it is a bit outdated because of the electronics. It also said that Finland is going to ditch all Handwriting lessons and instead do typing lessons. Cursive is a type of writing that has been around for thousands of years. But I don’t understand why Finland has stopped using it know. I understand that typing is efficient and faster. But why do Australian scientists think it is pointless.


How to make categories!

When your finished writing a post, you should assign it a category.

If this is a new categories for you, go to the right hand side of the screen where it says categories. Click add new category. If you already have categories you can make a new category as part of a old category by choosing parent category. (eg grammar could be a category inside writing.) In the box for categories type the name of your category. Now click  the add new category box.  Now you have the new category you want.

If you are typing a post that you want as a part of a category you already have , you just have to click the box with the name of that category and it will now be part of that category.

Categories appear as a label at the bottom of every post. If you click on that label all the posts that are in that category will appear. It will help people look at posts that are similar in your blog.

If you want to make a category without having made a post, go to your dashboard, on the left float over “post” and choose ‘categories’. On this new page, name your category and click the ‘add new category’ button at the bottom.

100 Word Challenge Week #22-2

“Very Funny” I said to my friends.

I pulled the door knob and pulled but it wasn’t opening. I fell over. The silence was deafening, as I was so embarrassed.

We didn’t know what to do because we couldn’t get the door open. We stood there for a while laughing when we heard a creaking floor board. But we hadn’t moved. We ran into the greeting room where everyone hid. I figured the window was opened and made a run for it. On the news 4 kids are missing and haven’t been found. But I know what happened!

100 Word Challenge #Week 21

The house down the street was full of creepy things and all I could think of was not going in. But if my friends found out I was to much of a sook  .I would not be there friends. I opened the door and it slammed shut.

All I could think of was ghost I couldn’t hear a thing. The silence was deafening, everything in the house was creeping me out ,including myself. I heard a sudden BOO!! And when I turned around it was my friends playing a prank on me. But when we couldn’t get out, it was another story.

SRC Letter

Dear Ant and Classmates,

My name is Ruby I strongly believe I will be a great Student Representative for our class because I have some great quality’s to share with you.

Firstly I think I would be a great student representative because I am always organised and confident. If you can’t be organised and confident how could you be a great student rep.  If someone asked me to make a speech two weeks before an assembly I would do it on the first day so I could add onto it. And I believe I am a very confident speaker and I can stand up at assembly And give a speech at the best standard possible.

Secondly I think I would be a great student representative for our class because I can represent and listen. Listening is a great quality to have because then I can get great ideas from everyone and make one big Idea to our highest standard. Being able to represent a whole class is also a great quality to have because then that means I am mature.

Lastly I think using the values I will be a great student rep. Using Optimism I can be confident and positive. Using collaboration I can make sure we all have a say and no one is left out. If I respect everyone I am sure they will be optimistic and collaborative towards me. And if I care for them I am sure they well care for me.

That is why I believe I would be a great SRC rep for our class thankyou for listening I hope you enjoyed.

Kind Regards, Ruby

About Me!

A bit about me

Hi, I am Ruby ,I am 11 years old turning 12 in September. I have blonde hair with natural brown tips, I have hazel eyes. And love braids. But that’s enough about me know onto my family.

My favourite thing to do is netball. I play netball at a high level representing Parkville in under 13’s I also play for Saint Therese’s, Action indoor sports and another team. Other than netball I do running and skiing.

My mum, Andrea has brown hair, green eyes and loves yoga. Her favourite thing to do is sport, she loves yoga and does running and walking. I guess I get sport from my mum.

Gary, my dad  has black hair, hazel eyes and works with electronics. His favourite thing is music. Every now and then he will play music and crank it up. I think he is a fun dad.

My sister Lilly has brown hair, hazel greenish eyes and loves cheer leading. Her favourite thing to do is wake boarding and cheer leading she is a really funny and nice sister we are like two peas in a pod…sometimes. She has also had ant as a teacher.

My scruffy companions name is Mini Moo. But we usually just call her Mini. Mini is a playful puppy who thinks she can do anything but when we tell her to roll over she runs around in circles chasing her tail. Mini can do tricks like: Sit, Shake and apparently chase her tail when we mean roll over. I love Mini because she is a playful pet.

On the holidays I went up to my holiday place Eppalock. At Eppalock we ski ,knee board and wake board . I can slalom which is one ski just like my mum, Knee board and Wake board. I also do a thing called pancaking which is a inflatable device getting towed behind a boat. My family boat is called “Bare Foot Daze” And I love it!