Goals For Semester 1

A goal I would like to meet is to understand decimals. Because I do not understand them .A way I could do this is by doing simple maths equations that could equal a decimal and learn how decimals are made and where they are used. I would also like to improve in my Grammar .Because I do not understand it. A way I could do this is by checking over my writing and asking myself questions like: Does it make sense?

I would also like to be able to think flexibly. I can do this by having more than 10 ideas and by doing brainstorms. And I want to be able to take my time. I can do this by Re-reading, Checking and Thinking what I am going to write/say.

Aboriginal First Contact

18 years after Captain James Cook discovered Australia the British had ideas to settle on the new land. On January 26th 1788 a fleet of eleven ships landed at Sydney Harbour which was led by Captain Arthur Phillip. The eleven ships carried more than 1500 people, half were criminals and convicts that where brought to Australia to ease prison cells in England.

Some settlers encountered the indigenous communities. The indigenous people tried to stop these strange people settling on their land. Using spears was how they wanted to scare away the unwanted visitors but the British had guns. Conflict grew between the indigenous people and British people . Eventually the British took over more and more of the land for farming and settlement.

There were a lot of differences between the British and the indigenous people , like: Language, Lifestyle, Clothing and Diets. While the indigenous people were trying to fight for their land, the British had negative attitudes towards them. As the British colony grew, the British prevented the Indigenous people from using the land. The British started clearing land and putting up fences for restricting access and introducing animals.

The Indigenous people wanted to avoid the British, but as the number of settlers increased it got harder for the Indigenous people to avoid them. Governor Phillip wanted to avoid any unnecessary conflict with the indigenous people by treating them with kindness and asking the soldiers not to harm them. Governor Phillip then captured several indigenous people to teach them English and so they could be translators. After a while there was more conflict over land and culture. So governor Phillip changed his mind and ordered soldiers to start firing.

The First Fleet brought disease. Most of the disease where deadly because the indigenous couldn’t even stand a common cold. So the means the disease like: Smallpox, Tuberculosis, Influenza, Whooping Cough and the Common Cold which were all very deadly to the indigenous people.

There were a number of victims from smallpox 1 year later. As the settlement grew, so did the number of disease leaving the remaining indigenous people devastated from the amount of deaths. The indigenous people tried to use traditional medicine but it didn’t work, and the British had wrecked all the resources they found on the land that the indigenous people used to make their traditional medicine.

With the amount of devastating disease the indigenous people also suffered malnutrition. (Lack of healthy food) The British industries  required workers. Some aboriginals began working for flour, sugar, tea and occasionally bits of meat. Some indigenous people still relied on the land but because of the growing economy it got harder to search and hunt for food. The Indigenous people had a very healthy diet before the British arrived. The diets contained fruit, vegetable, meat, seafood and nuts. These diets where very balanced but when the British came their diets and lifestyles suffered.

BTN: Bushfire Escape

This episode was all about a bush fire in early 2014. It all happened in Kersbrook a little town in Adelaide SA. Sometimes people don’t know or expect it but when it does happen, it is a shock to most people.

Ella said the sun was Bright red she said it was very scary and I understand that. Most family’s should have a bush fire plan where you plan what you are going to do. How you are going to do it, when you are go to evacuate, what you are going to bring and where you are going to go.

When Ella was packing to leave her home she said. “It is hard to decide on what to pack” she said “Can you imagine how hard it would be to pack some of your most valuable things in a small bag?” Well I think it would be very hard. I still don’t understand how she managed to chose what to bring?


100 Word Challenge #26

Dear Diary,

I saw the most disturbing thing today. While I was in the car we had stopped at a red light. There was another car turning right that was right across the road from me.As they turned the corner a truck disobeyed the traffic lights and hit the other car we where stuck at the front of the scene until the police, ambulance and fire brigade had come it was emotional as the people got lifted out of the car and onto the road. They put a white sheet over the body’s meaning, they where dead.

Comments: Sad

Yours Jemma

BTN: Twin School


In this episode it said that at a school there was 8 sets of twins and 1 group of triplets. I understand that twins can’t feel each others pain and they can’t read each others mind. Identical twins share the same DNA. Some twins find it hard because they have to share lots of things but I think that it is just the same as having another sibiling. But why do twins not have the same personality?

fred and george

These twins are Fred and George from Harry Potter.


100 Word Challenge Week#25

The grass was as green as a frog! As I slowly made my way down the hill on the back of my black horse I realized how carefully he was placing his hoofs. I had finally got to the stable when I took off the saddle and placed it on the wooden fencing. I decided it was time for a swim so I ran inside changed into a swim suit. As I got to the pool my brother had alreday swam so I had the pool to my self. I grabbed and yanked the pipe out of the pool and jumped in!

BTN: OzHarvest


In this episode of BTN, I recall that 8 million dollars worth of food is thrown out each year. But a company called OzHarvest is trying to change that they are both trying to prevent food wasting and Povity.

OzHarvest is collecting all fruit and veg that is weirdly shaped or injured. This is all still edible but some people don’t like buying because it doesn’t look good , so OzHarvest is collecting that and donating it.

But there is another side of that food getting thrown out did you know that each year a home throws out more then $1000 Dollars worth of food? That’s right $1000 Dollars.

I understand that weirdly shaped or injured fruit and veg is completely fine and edible. But why do people not want to buy it?

100 Word Challenge Week #24

I love animals I have always wanted to have a dog or a cat or even a goldfish but my mum and dad are to scared that they could hurt me or make me very sick.  My dad is a doctor and my mum is an accountant. I love my friend Emily’s dog because she has a Labrador named Charles.

I was outside in the old barn , then when I looked out of the pale window. My dad is carrying a box with holes in the top. I rush outside I open the box and there, is a blue healer my dad said his name is buddy.