Presentation Work on Term 1 topic!

This is mine and emily’s presentation it is about mirgration to Australia. Emily also posted this on her blog to see it visit:

This is our script:

EMILY: Hi I am Emily and today we are going to be interviewing Miss Tye. Today’s topic is Investigate the different types of migrants who arrived in Australia after World War II, in the 1970’s and recently. During this interview I will be asking her questions that we will know present to you. Hope you enjoy.

EMILY: Why did the British say Australia was theirs?

RUBY: Well the British immigrants where proud of Captain James cook who crowned Australia with the British flag. But Australia is made up of a lot of different countries. When Captain James Cook found Australia he stabbed the British flag in to the ground as you know and the British thought  a flag can make a country theirs.

EMILY: Who will stay in their country and why?

RUBY: Most people in other counties could not afford to come to Australia but they did with a suitcase and $1.  They made Australia their home by working hard and making money to stay here. But some people tried to get to Australia but the people wouldn’t let them get through. They didn’t expect them because people where, Sick, Death, Weak or poor

EMILY: Why did people from Greece and Italy leave their country?

RUBY: People from Greece and Italy both had country’s what were suitable to live in but they wanted to give their family a better life and plenty to eat.  They didn’t know what to expect but they stayed on the boat and came to Australia. The Greek civil war was happening in Greece from 1946 to 49. And in Italy they was world war 2 ,till 1940 to 1945

EMILY: How would everyone feel if the British took over Australia today?

  • RUBY: Australia is a multicultural country and many religious and cultural practices are enjoyed by everyone.
  • RUBY: ‘If the British took over Australia today it would be very hard for them because we have a lot of culturally different people in Australia now and we have out lawed the white Australia policy.’ But some people still believe in the white Australian Policy. I still believe that everyone in Australia is who they are and having different people in owe country is a culturally different learning experience.
  1. The White Australia Policywas the name given to a number of laws that stopped non-Europeans from coming to live in Australia. These laws started in 1901, and were undone from the 1950s to 1970s.


EMILY: Where else/could migrants have gone in the world

RUBY: Australia’s migration population is relatively large when compared with other Western nations. This means that not only more people are coming to Australia more than any other country, but it also means that people are deciding to come to us more than any other country But it really depends where they want to go to. These are some country’s that came to Australia: United Kngdom, New Zealand, Chaina, India, Philiphines, Vietnamese, Hong Kong, Greece, Germany, Poland, South Africa and Italy.

EMILY: Why might they have chosen Australia instead?

RUBY: Australia is a free country and you always have a chance to have your say (By voting). Unlike some other countries. Also there is no war or conflict. I believe there is no war of conflict over here because Australia is a free country  and people move over here to escape them.

EMILY: What might happen in a country if most people left their country and came to Australia?

RUBY: Well if most people left their country to come to Australia it would mean there would be fewer people in that country and more in Australia. That would affect the country’s that people came from because they wouldn’t have the same amount of people as they had before.

EMILY: Which part of Africa did most people leave from?

RUBY:Europe and Asia is traditionally  the largest sources of migration to Australia. In 2005-2006, permanent settlers arrivals to Australia it included approximately 3,800 Sudanese and 4,000 South Africans. The majority 72.6% of African emigrants to Australia are Southern and Eastern Africa.

EMILY: Why did they leave Africa?


Egypt: Family Heritage with Europeans,  Freedom and Yom Kuppur war, Libyan-Egyptian War.

South Africa: South African Border war and Soweto Uprising War

Eriteria: Ethio Somali War

Sudan: a Drought and Famine , caused by lack of rain, and first Sudan civil war

South Sudan: Drought, Famine, South Sudan civil war and damage from South Sudan’s civil war

Ethopia: War and Conflict, Famine and Drought is because of the things that surround them.

Kenya: Choice

Zimbabwe: Second Chimurenga/Rhodesian Bush War

EMILY: Thanks for coming in today that concludes our questions and the show bye. Continue reading

BTN: Law Of The Sea

This weeks Behind The News was all about our oceans. And as you might understand it is pretty hard to figure out what part belongs to which land. I understand this because I don’t know where our are is. But thanks to the law of the seas it is much easier to understand. On land it is easy to tell which country is which because of maps, borders and laws. I know and understand this because I know where I live. But out in the ocean do you know what part belongs to your country? I definitely don’t ,but our prime minsters all came together to make the laws of the seas. You have to ask the prime minister if you are aloud to fish or travel as you could be stealing some things such as gas and oils which belong to country if they are in your zone.

100 Word Challenge Week 30

Today was unfortunate I had soggy Cornflakes which where gross. And when I turned on the TV, Nat Geo wild was following a Lion when it turned around and attacked the camera crew. Unfortunately on of the camera crew guys died. So again it wasn’t that exciting.  And when I went to school I had my drum lesson which I accidentally put a hole in the drums. Luckily today was the last day of school and we had a end of day celebration we danced and had heaps of fun. At leased that is how I thought it would go!

BTN: Dairy Diet

This BTN report was about Dairy and how important it is to have it in your diet. In milk it has Calcium for Strong Bones, Protein to Grow and Iodine to help you Brain develop. In the 50’s kids where given milk at school because the teachers thought it was important for them to have it. I am turning 11 and it said that for 12 year old you should have a glass of milk, a tub of yogurt and a couple slices of cheese that means when I turn 12  I need that every day! I have a bowl of cereal for breakfast so that means I have milk in my diet. My opinion and it also said in the report is that dairy very healthy.

But how does lactose in dairy make people sick?

100 Word Challenge Week #29

Today was the day. April the first, April fools. The time for pranks. I planned that I would put A treasure map in garden shed so when my brother went to get the lawnmower he would find, the map and  the X and then dig a big hole in the garden. I was watching him through the living room window and he went into the shed and grabbed the lawn mower. He then found the map ,found the X marks the spot and started digging. April Fools I yelled and he fell to the ground with anger and tears.


BTN: Vanuatu Recovery

Just recently over in Vanuatu there has been a cyclone. This cyclone damaged many homes and devastated many life’s. Cyclones a rated in 5 categories 1 meaning not to bad 5 meaning extremely dangerous. If I where to rate this Cyclone it woulds be about 5 because of the wind speeds reaching about 300 km per hour.

When I went over to Vanuatu it was the most beautiful country I have ever been to. I understand that know it isn’t as beautiful as it used to be and that they need help making it the country it used to be. I also understand that a cyclone is a natural disaster.How long doe’s it take to clean up a disaster like this ?

100 Word Challenge Week 28

Dear Diary,

Today John promised me he would take me along the board walk at noon. I would of liked it to be later but as long as I am with John it is alright. He said to me we would have lunch and he told he was bringing his dog even though I don’t like dogs. His dogs name is Billy and he is a big boy with a coat of brown fur. I can imagine myself sitting on a ledge with  john standing up billy sitting down. It is going to be very romantic.

Your Sincerely

Ms Mary Rose