100 Word Challenge Week 34

The rubbish bin was a stinky and gross thing and somebody had to take it out on Thursday. It was Georgia’s turn (My utterly annoying sister). She walked to the back door where just outside belonged the garbage bin. She turned the lock and swung the door wide open. There in front of her was the rubbish bin. I decided to hide it the rubbish bin (Lucky it was one week old), so as she lifted the lid I jumped out to scare her. She yelped and stumbled to the floor that is why I am grounded.

Reptile Encounter Reflection!

On Wednesday the 20th of May the year 5/6’s had an incursion from ‘Reptile Encounters’. We learnt about reptiles and the adaptions they make to suit the environment, below I did a reflection in the structure of a BTN report: 3 Recalls, 2 Understandings/Insights and 1 Question. Here it is…..


  • That when reptiles are travelling your put them in a black bag, because when they can’t see anything they don’t stress.
  • That male stick insects are a lot more thinner and they can fly, but the female stick insect is a lot more wider and her wings are so small that she can’t carry her own weight.
  • In the tail of the shingle-back lizard it stores fat and food for when in go’s into brumation.


  • I understand that when reptiles go into brumation there heart rate and breathing slow down.
  • I understand that most reptiles do not eat humans because we are too big and don’t come face to face with them every day.


  • Do some reptiles eat humans?

tree frogs and me

Here I am with a green tree frog on my arm and one on my head!

BTN: Orangutan

Orangutans love mucking around, Being tickled and showing affection. They are very similar to us, in fact orangutan means person of the forest. Orangutans live on the island of Borneo and Sumatra in Asia. I understand that because of palm oil these beautiful creatures are becoming extinct. Orangutans arms reach about two meters when spread out. This makes a lot of sense because they are always in climbing trees. When will people realize how important and amazing orangutans are?


100 Word Challenge Week 33

My bed was warm, outside it was as cold as an ice block.  The ceiling was moonlight because I hadn’t shut my curtains. I couldn’t get to sleep. The old oak tree was banging on my window making the ceiling look like it was trying to grab me. I pulled my cover over my head and tried to block out all of the sound and bad thoughts. But  the ferocious wind made it very hard to. I once again closed my eyes and dug my head underneath the pillow. And slowly drifted of into a deep, deep sleep.

Unit 1 Goal Reflection!

In term 1 the topic was Australia’s history. During this topic the 5/6’s all did a project about something that happened in Australia’s History. The year 5’s did 1800’s to 1900’s and the year 6’s 1900’s to 2000’s. For the year 5’s they did important people in Australia’s history and the year 6’s did immigration in Australia’s history. I achieved many things during this topic like presenting a full presentation. And I am happy that I presented it with a loud and clear voice.

Three facts that I found interesting or surprising

  • Something interesting that I found out was that migration after World War 2 was mostly from Greece and Italy even though there was a war happening. These two countries both had suitable lifestyles to live in but they wanted to give a there family a better place to live in.
  • In Australia 40 000 years ago there where species called mega beasts. With Teeth like bolt cutters and eggs the size of footballs. This surprised me because they soon became extinct.
  • Something I also found interesting was that in the late 1800’s to 1970’s. Aboriginal children were removed from their family because they thought Aboriginal children where disadvantaged living with their aboriginal parents.

Two understandings I know have:

  • The president was only trying to give aboriginal kids a better life but the sad bit was that they had to be taken away from their families.
  • I understand that the Migration could of changed if there wasn’t a World War 2 and also the population of Australian men also wouldn’t have changed.

One wonder I still have:

  • Why did the British take away the children instead of maybe just going to school?

What where the most important things I have learnt:

  • The most important thing I have learnt is that when presenting a presentation make sure everybody has an equal amount of stuff to say otherwise it is unfair for someone. Also that you need to make sure you put the right power point presentation when you present otherwise you might not put the right presentation up and it could be missing something.

How did I learn it:

  • I messed up and put the wrong presentation on the projector this changed my whole presentation because I didn’t have any primary sources. Also I had a lot more to say then Emily and Ant picked up on it.

What am I going to do with what I have learnt?

  • I am going to double check my PowerPoint before presenting and I am going to make sure that everyone has an equal amount of things to say. I can use this in the future like in High School and University. I can also use this when I am presenting something in the future.

My goals at the start of the year where mostly about the people in the past. The biggest part of the people in Australia’s history where migrants as we now are a multicultural country. I mostly achieved this goal in my project. But I also achieved it by watching other people’s presentations. The only thing I think I need to find out about is the Wemen in our history other than that I have achieved my goal.

In both sections I have learnt to make sure everybody has a say and double checking. And most of Australia’s biggest parts of history like. Important people in our history, important times in Australia’s history and Bonding in Australia’s History.

BTN: Species List

On this episode of BTN it was all about species of animals and plants and figuring what they are on the red list. The red list is a website and organisation about figuring out what they are on the red list. Animals and plants are either Extinct, Extinct in the wild, Critically Endangered, Endangered or Vulnerable. And I understand that the Extinction of an animal is either from humans or the way of life.

It could be caused by humans because we want to clear land or pollution in the eco-system. This is really bad because if one species go extinct it affects the whole eco-system and causes more things to become extinct. I understand this because they are all linked up for example on the food chain. Could extinction be history?


100 Word Challenge Week 32

It was another normal day down at the farm when Katie saw that some of the seeds where missing. At the farm there was over 100 different type of seeds. And in the mixed seed section where all the bags full of seeds where there was one bag missing. Katie decided it was time to start the investigation.

She first checked in her office where she found nothing. Secondly she went into the lab where all the scientist said there wasn’t a trace of the mixed nuts. She went out side where she found the seeds and a big fury friend….

Esmart Digital Licences

Last week all the year’s 6 from MPPS all came together to learn about cyber safety. We read information about  8 topics and then did 8 test about the topics. You needed to get more than 80% or 8 questions right to pass. The eSmart digital Licences is to educate you about the internet and how to be cyber safe if you pass all test you will then get your eSmart Digital License.

Module 1 – Digital Devices:

To protect you digital Device use phone covers, Carry them in safe carry bags and put screens on them. I understand that if you do not put any of these on you digital devices they could smash and be out of use for a couple days. Also that you should be careful on what Wifi you want to join because you never know what could happen when you join it.Also you should be careful with Viruses because they can wreck you computer in a matter of hours. I understand that sometimes Viruses can’t be stopped. Will tests like this advance in the future?

Module 2 – Protecting Privacy:

3 tip password maker:

1. Your password should have: Capital Letters, Lowercase Letters, Symbols and numbers.

2. Over 6 characters should be used.

3. The only people you should tell is your mum and dad and a real trustworthy person.

I understand if I don’t do this to my passwords my password will be easy to hack and that means everything will be easy to hack into.Will I have to reset all my passwords if they are to hard to remember? I know I should definitely protect my private information.

Module 3: Searching and Researching:

I learnt that  URL is an acronym for Uniform Resource  Locator. You put the URL in the address bar when looking for a particular website. I also learnt that when you are researching always use keywords so it can give you more results. And that when you search something up and click on a website the search engine and the website owner knows what and where you have just clicked on. How is researching and searching very dangerous?

Module 4:  Creating and Sharing:

If something on the internet upset you and made you feel uncomfortable talk to a trusted adult , parent or teacher about it as most of the time they can fix it. And as I already know make sure you have permission to post pictures of your friends on social media or the internet as they might not wont it to be shared. And make sure you don’t say anything mean on the internet or social media as it can hurt peoples feelings and make sure if you do say something mean…apologies. I know that little mistakes can hurt peoples feelings. Why can’t you delete a photo off the internet?

Module 5: Social Networking and Gaming:

I like to be very respectful. And I do this by putting my phone on silent. Some of the places I put it on silent are: at the Library, School, Gallery, Church, Wedding’s, Funerals and Family gatherings. I find when someone says something threatening or aggressive the best thing to do is screen shot it and send it to the administrator. Never give personal information out about you or your friends as it could be private. When do you know it  is personal information?

Module 6: Communicating Safely Online:

I learnt during this module that SMS stands for Short Message Service. I used to not understand what that meant but now it all makes sense. When opening emails be careful as they could carry viruses. And if you haven’t installed an anti-virus software it is time that you do. I understand that if you scan and be careful your computer won’t get bugged. How do people set up Viruses?

Module 7 Friends and Strangers:

In this module I learnt that there are some pretty dodgy people on the internet.Because some people pretend to be people they not are. They can trick you by changing there age, gender, name and personality. A friend is someone you know by face and you have met before and a stranger is someone you have never met before by face. I also learnt that some people aren’t always what they say they are. What if you search up a friends name and click on your friends name but it is not your friend?

Module 8 Managing Money and Online Credits:

In this module if you ever get an unwanted message delete it straight away and make sure the email filter is on. I understand that unwanted emails usually ask if you want to buy something. In-app purchases of jewels, gems, money, coins or diamonds sometimes are free. Music subscriptions are usually paid for with credit/debit card or pay pal. I understand that most things on the app store are paid for and that you need to be careful when you download something. Why do people shop online?

100 Word Challenge A fairy tale mixture!

Little pink riding hood was strolling through the forest on a warm summers day, with her beloved dog Belle when she walked pass a creek .She sat next to the creek where she then splashed her face with water. She slowly drifted off into a deep sleep where she had dreams of Belle splashing in the creek.She woke up to her surprise to see an invitation to the ball. Where the prince would be. She called Belle and started walking home. To then bump into A big Bad wolf. With her surprise she turned around to she 7 dwarf like creatures walking with: Buckets and spades.

History Presentation Reflection

My history presentation was about the different type of migrants who arrived in Australia during world war 2, in the 1970’s and recently.

I was proud that Emily and I where loud and clear when we where talking and that we had put a lot of information into our presentation.

Next time I present, I should make sure that I have more primary sources like pictures and diagrams . And that I put the right power point on the USB because the non updated power point was on the USB. I should also make sure I do not read of my cue cards because cue cards should have key words and things to give me an idea of what I am going to say next. I should also make sure I hold the interest of the people I am talking to. Next time I do a presentation I should make sure all of the presenters have a equal amount of speaking time.