BTN: A Funny Fundraiser!

This BTN report was about a fundraiser that is asking for jokes to be sent in to make a dvd full of jokes for farmers that are going through droughts. In this btn report it said that some farmers don’t have grass and their animals are so slim you can see their ribs. I understand that this can happen from lack of water and food. I also understand that they the kids would do this to put a smile on farmers faces.

Two jokes that I remember from this btn report is: What type of jokes do farmers like? corny ones! and What do you get when a chicken crosses the road, rolls in mud then crosses the road again and rolls in mud? A double dirty crosser.

What state is this in?

100 Word Challenge Ants version

The water fall glistened as I approached it.  It had never looked more beautiful ,but I had never known what was behind it. Maybe it was a strange and beautiful place where the walls where covered in paintings. Maybe it was a scary and dark place where the mythical creatures lurked. Maybe it was a dangerous place where bats lurked and there eyes where tiny flash lights. I had really never known. The water almost pulled me closer. I closed my eyes and stuck my head through. There, before my eyes was a beautiful meadow full of flowers, was this all a dream?

BTN: Ice Bucket Awareness

This BTN report was all about the ice bucket challenge. And how thousands of people have contributed and raised millions of dollars. Trinity and her mum Cherie did the ice bucket challenge . But they weren’t nominated by anyone. They did it because of there father who has motor neurone disease, the cause at the center of this worldwide campaign. I understand you don’t have to be nominated to do the ice bucket challenge.

I bet you are wondering what is motor neutrone disease is. Inside your body there are cells called motor neurons. Their job is to carry messages from the brain to your muscles telling them when to move, speak or breathe! When someone develops Motor Neurone Disease those neurons start to die. That means the brain can’t send messages to the muscles anymore. The disease leaves the body paralyzed and eventually unable to swallow or breathe.I understand most people would die of this because you are unable to breathe. 

How do neutrons die?

100 Word Challenge Week 35

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It powers you on to make you have a great and energetic day. Of course you have to have something good for you but I don’t always have to. I decided to have lollies, but it made my tongue tingle. Maybe I could have chocolate, that might be a better choice, after all it has milk in it. No. No . No. Lets go with rice bubbles or toast. Maybe even bacon and eggs. Fresh and healthy from the supermarket. With some toast and crispy bacon and a gooey egg.