100 Word Challenge: Risks

The hotel has 65 floors and I couldn’t even Handel the 2nd floor. Not to mention the elevator I have a phobia of almost everything. Starting with: Spiders and then Friday the 13th and not to mention black cats. They all scare the heck out of me. I just wish I could take risks. And if that doesn’t work learn from them. But I am even scared of taking risks. The only thing that doesn’t scare me is  cartoons and myself. Like when I walk down the stairs at home I have to make sure both feet touch every stair. Risk taking is not my thing.

BTN: Netball Star

Madeline Proud (Maddy) has been selected for one of the country’stop netball teams. The Adelaide Thunderbirds. Maddy is the youngest in the team and competition at the age of 16.But she has been playing since she was 4. But the coach will not recruit anyone younger than 16 because their bodies aren’t ready for the heavy training. I understand the stage Maddy is up to is exceptional and amazing. I also understand the training level would be like a 10 kilometer run.

How intense is the training?


100 Word Challenge: Lonely

Day 1, Year 1 :

Out here it is so alone,  it is like I’am the only one. Day after day of no company .would anyone come on a journey. It is like I am invisible. I am the only one.

Day 321 Year 1:

Out here it is so alone, It is like I am the only one. I saw a shooting star one day.  It was very bright. It nearly lit up my whole planet . You could say might.

Day 106 Year 5:

It has been a couple years and no one was in sight. It sure is sad to be alone . I am the only one.


BTN: New Olympic Sport

This BTN report was all about the 2020 Olympic Games. It said that in the 2020 Olympic games the would like to introduce some new sports. In which 26 sports in rolled. Here are a couple: Roller Derby, Chess, Bowling and Ball room dancing. A connection I have is that the Olympic games are next year also that they are in Rio.

When is it going to be in Australia next?

The Wish

The stereo was playing music that I had listened to over and over again. Looking outside, tree after boring tree passed. The music seemed more interesting. Another trip to another boring market! After the tenth time of asking mum, “Are we there yet?” she replied, barely containing her impatience, “We are still only half way”

I moaned. The time dragged. Finally we made our way into the packed car park at a very slow pace. We had finally made it!

“I want a new teapot!” my mum exclaimed, “An old one with flowers painted across the surface. I give you a challenge, you have to find a tea pot like this for me”


Once the car had come to a halt, I jumped out and slammed the door behind me. I walked through the old rusty gate with my mum beside me. I decided to go in my own direction where I would hopefully find a teapot. I walked past bikes, collector cards, old metal tools…but no sign of a trusty teapot.


I took a deep breath and closed my eyes…

“I wish, I wish I can find a teapot”

I opened my eyes but nothing had changed. I turned a corner where I swear I hadn’t been before. There was nobody in this area except for an old man with a stall full of the most beautiful dinner wear. I walked up to the stall where a selection of tea pots lay. I picked one up, it had flowers painted blue across the surface.

“How much for this beautiful tea pot?” I asked

“Nothing” The old man croaked

“But you’re selling this aren’t you” I exclaimed as I turned my head back to the fair.

But when I turned around no one was there. I walked back into the Antique fair still a bit shocked. My mum pinched the tea pot out of my hand and squealed, “What a lovely find, Is it for me?”.

I nodded my head, I still shocked and confused. But, if my mum was happy, I was too. We made our way towards the old rusty gate, and jumped in the car.

Outside the trees were rushing by in a blur. My mind was exactly the same, the things that had just happened were as much as a blur as everything I had just seen. Is this just a dream? Where did the man go? How did I find a teapot exactly the same as my mum explained? Everything was rushing through my mind.

“Maybe I will see that old man with the beautiful dinner ware next year” I said to my mum.

“This was the Generations Antique fair” she said.  “No one over 50 years old was there.” My jaw dropped!

This mystery would haunt me over every cup of tea my mother and I shared for the rest of our lives, but one thing was for certain- going to the market would never be boring again!


The thing I am most proud of in this story is my characters growth. And the usage of the power of threes. The things I should get better at next time are to make sure I don’t restate things when the characters in my story are saying something and how they say it.The thing I should do better next time is include more similes and metaphors.