Dig, Splash, Plant

The year 5’s hopped on the bus along with the three coastal ambassadors and teachers and parents that were willing to help. We arrived at our destination and had an introduction from the green army and Kim who works for the Moonee Valley Council. We got a start with handing out the gloves and getting separated into groups of six and seven. They also had helpers from the green army to help and show some examples of how to plant the plants. There was around about 350 plants that needed to be planted in the time limit of 2 hours. (The plants that were not planted the green army had to finish off and stay extra hours).

At least every year 5 planted more than two plants, shrub or seedling. When we started digging holes to plant the plants we had some trouble because of old grass and its roots still being there. After some time the planting got easier and people were getting the hang of it. At times it got hard because of rocks and roots but it was still fun. It was also hard when trying not to cut worms in half but still get deep enough to fit the plant in it. Overall the day was successful and everyone had a lot of fun.

Thankyou Ant Brock, Lee Pregnell, Leigh Richardson, Jude Ryan, Andrea Tye, David Pizzey, Cara Richardson, Kim from the Moonee valley council and The Green army!