BTN: Sugary Drinks

In this BTN report it talked about how aussie kids thought about soft drinks. The kids said that on special occasions they where aloud to drink soft drinks. On an average it said there was 6 tsp in iced tea, 21 tsp in an energy drink, 16 tsp in a 600 ml bottle of soft drink and 10 tsp in a sports drink. I understand that drinking something like this would cause obesity, diabetes or even heart diseases. I also understand that some people are unaware of how much sugar are in these drinks.

How much sugar is in a glass of orange juice?

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I felt the wind slap my legs, I felt it rush through my hair. I saw the water gush past me as it settles far behind. I think to myself will I fall will I stand. But the future can not be told. It felt like I was flying, hovering above the ground. The waves where at a admirable distance but sooner or later they where to get closer. The time had come and I bent my knees. The waves pushed me up and down. But I stood my ground as if the waves where bullies.

BTN: Indigenous Sport Stars

This weeks btn report was all about indigenous sport stars and how inspirational they can be for younger indigenous kids that have dreams on being like them.

Recently the AFL and NFL have had their grand finals and did you know that indigenous players where stars of both. Both captains of the NFL teams are indigenous and one of the captains Jonathan Thurston won best player of the match and season. And in the AFL grand final Cyril Rioli won best on ground.

I understand that doing this would inspire a lot of indigenous kids and I also understand that this would be a really big improvement.

How hard would it be to get an achievement like this?





The journey of the Teddy Bears 100 WC

The bears looked normal from the outside but from the inside they where not your ordinary teddy bears. In the middle they had adventure, and to start their journey they needed to cross the road and get a ride. The road was dangerous and full of cars the only way they where going to get across was by playing dead. Like a dog. Step by step fall by fall. The teddy bears where at the foot of the car. Climbing up was one story but driving was another. The next problem was that they didn’t have the car key.

The last word 100 WC

The long creaking noise felt like it would never end. I looked into the room it was empty except for a small box I walked up to it and bent down to it. It opened up and a joker flung out. It played the most annoying music in the world then, in the middle of the noise. The box slammed and standing in front of me. Was my mum her first words spoke to say “Get out of the attic, once or twice I thought I had told you to stay out of the attic”And they happened to be her last!

Camp 2015 Poem

Green, Blue, Yellow

The grass sway’s and swish’s as the afternoon breeze moves it along.

Green, Blue, Yellow

The sky as blue as blue can be

Green, Blue, Yellow

The yellow sun is shining and reflecting of the water

Fun, Happy, Excited

The children are bright just like the sun

Fun, Happy, Excited

The teachers are relaxed and ready for fun

Fun, Happy, Excited

Everyone has a smile on a smile as big as can be

Fun, Sad, excited

People are sad that camp is over yet it brings joy to see family

BTN: National Threatened Species Day!

This BTN report was all about endangered and extinct Australian animals. It informed me that the last thylacine died in a zoo in Hobart, just one of the many extinct Australian animals. It also said that 63 Aussie species are critically endangered, which is the highest level of species before extinction. I understand that this is terrible because that means we will be losing some of our animals.

A handful of other extinct animals are: The desert rat kangaroo, The dusky flying fox, The lesser bibly and The paradise parrot. Some of the main reasons of extinction or critically endangered are climate change, habitat loss or introduced species like the fox or feral catI understand that these animals cause a lot of damage to the Australian eco-system. I wonder what other Australian animals are extinct and which ones that are endangered are the closest to extinction? I wonder if there’s anything I can do about it?