BTN: National Threatened Species Day!

This BTN report was all about endangered and extinct Australian animals. It informed me that the last thylacine died in a zoo in Hobart, just one of the many extinct Australian animals. It also said that 63 Aussie species are critically endangered, which is the highest level of species before extinction. I understand that this is terrible because that means we will be losing some of our animals.

A handful of other extinct animals are: The desert rat kangaroo, The dusky flying fox, The lesser bibly and The paradise parrot. Some of the main reasons of extinction or critically endangered are climate change, habitat loss or introduced species like the fox or feral catI understand that these animals cause a lot of damage to the Australian eco-system. I wonder what other Australian animals are extinct and which ones that are endangered are the closest to extinction? I wonder if there’s anything I can do about it? 




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    Great Job!
    There was great information on there and I know you tried really hard on this because your piece is well thought out.
    Well Done

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