The journey of the Teddy Bears 100 WC

The bears looked normal from the outside but from the inside they where not your ordinary teddy bears. In the middle they had adventure, and to start their journey they needed to cross the road and get a ride. The road was dangerous and full of cars the only way they where going to get across was by playing dead. Like a dog. Step by step fall by fall. The teddy bears where at the foot of the car. Climbing up was one story but driving was another. The next problem was that they didn’t have the car key.

One thought on “The journey of the Teddy Bears 100 WC


    WOW! thats a good story it was so descriptive i loved the language you put in this story tick tick tick everything i perfect and to me it was FANTASTIC!!!!

    FARRAH 🙂 🙂 🙂

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