100 Word Challenge Week #14

My grandfathers boat was shipwrecked and now it is famous for it. Here is the story on how it got shipwrecked. The night was gloomy and it looked as if it was going to rain he was very worried and just as he got in his cabin the boat was struck by lightning. The captain ran outside to see his crew  on the deck. When he ran over to check if the where alive the biggest wave he had ever seen was towering over his boat. The wave came down and when he woke up his boat was shipwrecked.

100 Word Challenge Madeline

I Remember that I ran away when I was little, I wanted to go to the lollie shop but my big sister didn’t let me because she was baby sitting me.I knew how to get there because I had been there before. When I walked in to the lollie shop I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten my money, I had left in my room on my book shelf. So I ran as fast as I could to get home because I really wanted the lollies. I wanted a lollipop. But when I got home my mum was  home.


100 Word Challenge Week # 12

He was shocked to find a lion cub struggling to get out the guards and the Lord of Nulth reacted as if they hadn’t  seen such an animal. And when the lion cub got out of the bag starting to shake away in fear. The guards gathered closer, he got more scared. What would happen?  Would they kill me? He thought.

But one by one the guards dropped as it was no longer night but morning. The lord of Nulth dropped to his knees and as he did he screamed to the lion cub. “A little sun won’t hurt me!”

100 Word Challenge Week#11

I Remember the day my grandfather died I experienced it all the moment he fell to the ground. The moment he stopped breathing. It all happened so quickly. And I don’t want to even remember the ambulance taking him away. I didn’t even get to say good bye and I really would of liked to. After he died when ever I go over to my nans there is nothing to do except for watching TV. I always had to watch the news because that was what was always on. I just wish that didn’t happen. I wish he was still alive.

100 Word Challenge Week 10#

The day was warm and I was on my daily walk . In on hand was my dog leash  and in the other was my ipod and I was listening to music. I saw a nest in a tree where there was four baby birds I touched one and as it shivered, they all got annoyed. And then all of a sudden something landed on my shoulder I turned my head to see a rather big bird sitting there I ran and the bird flew after me I went as fast as I could go but that wasn’t fast enough.

100 Word Challenge Week # 9

I walked down the street to see broken glass every where. The houses where all so dull there garden’s where no longer green but a dark shady grey. The rain pattered on the street leaving puddles everywhere. Looking closely to a puddle you could see ants swimming  some drowning while others staying afloat. But not for long as the rain started to get heavier. I turned around to see a black cat sitting on a wall. But before I could get any closer it ran away. I lifted  the latch to my front garden and there was the black cat.       

100 Word Challenge Week#8

The legend of the black cape was big in Spring Ville. Many people believed they saw it but in wasn’t until April 7th it was confirmed the black cape was real. The child wondered what would happen if he came face to face with it? What would he see? What would he do? The boy came to a stop as he saw a sign on a tree. It said to be aware and to keep an eye out.

He turned around where he saw something… It was the black cape. He turned to run but all he could see was black.

100 word challenge week#7

Ew, I could not believe the smell of my brothers science project. Seriously, he chose an active volcano but for some weird reason it stinks like rotten tomatoes.

“Darling, time to go dress shopping for your prom!” Yelled her mum.

“Coming” She yelled back.

On the way to the dress shop the stench was in the car. She turned to see the project which was in the boot, but it still smelt like rotten tomatoes. Finally they saw the dress shop she walked in and walked out with the most beautiful dress. When they got in the car the volcano erupted.

100 Word Challenge Week 6

Alice Sanders was walking down the street when a hand pulled her into a front garden she was startled not knowing what to do. Alice started to run she ran down the street as fast as her feet could take her. But before that her friends where with her .She turned around where she found her friends where still there.

“Did you see that before?” Alice asked

“What are you talking about?” said her friend

“Somebody” Alice stopped

“Don’t just stop, continue” Said her friend. Alice woke up and suddenly I was able to see again. But where was I ?

100 Word Challenge Week#3

As Melissa Looked over the bridge something was in the water it didn’t look right. She turned to her mum who was looking at a map curiously . But then when she turned back into the water it wasn’t there. She knew from that second and on something was in the water.

Melissa of course loved France she had always thought about going and thinking how wonderful it would be. But the thought that something was in the water made her shiver. Melissa had been told before that she had a very imaginative imagination. But know she was truly doubting it.