Spelling City

Last Week for spelling city I had the subject of prefixes. Prefixes are letters that you add onto the start of a word to give it a different meaning. Sometimes if you put a prefixe at the start you can make it the opposite of what it started of to be. For example Happy you can make it Unhappy the opposite of what it started of to be. Here are my words:

  1. Unable = Able
  2. Uncertain =Certain
  3. Unsure =Sure
  4. Disapprove =Approve
  5. Dissatisfied =Satisfied
  6. Uplift =Lift
  7. Uproar =Roar
  8. Review =View
  9. Report =Port
  10. Reappear =Appear
  11. Misbehave =Behave
  12. Mistake =Take




Spelling City Week 4

This week I did my Spelling  City and my topic was contractions which are two word put together to make one it was quite easy. Here are my words:

  1. aren’t
  2. can’t
  3. couldn’t
  4. didn’t
  5. doesn’t
  6. don’t
  7. hasn’t
  8. haven’t
  9. isn’t
  10. shouldn’t
  11. wasn’t
  12. weren’t
  13. won’t
  14. wouldn’t