The Wish

The stereo was playing music that I had listened to over and over again. Looking outside, tree after boring tree passed. The music seemed more interesting. Another trip to another boring market! After the tenth time of asking mum, “Are we there yet?” she replied, barely containing her impatience, “We are still only half way”

I moaned. The time dragged. Finally we made our way into the packed car park at a very slow pace. We had finally made it!

“I want a new teapot!” my mum exclaimed, “An old one with flowers painted across the surface. I give you a challenge, you have to find a tea pot like this for me”


Once the car had come to a halt, I jumped out and slammed the door behind me. I walked through the old rusty gate with my mum beside me. I decided to go in my own direction where I would hopefully find a teapot. I walked past bikes, collector cards, old metal tools…but no sign of a trusty teapot.


I took a deep breath and closed my eyes…

“I wish, I wish I can find a teapot”

I opened my eyes but nothing had changed. I turned a corner where I swear I hadn’t been before. There was nobody in this area except for an old man with a stall full of the most beautiful dinner wear. I walked up to the stall where a selection of tea pots lay. I picked one up, it had flowers painted blue across the surface.

“How much for this beautiful tea pot?” I asked

“Nothing” The old man croaked

“But you’re selling this aren’t you” I exclaimed as I turned my head back to the fair.

But when I turned around no one was there. I walked back into the Antique fair still a bit shocked. My mum pinched the tea pot out of my hand and squealed, “What a lovely find, Is it for me?”.

I nodded my head, I still shocked and confused. But, if my mum was happy, I was too. We made our way towards the old rusty gate, and jumped in the car.

Outside the trees were rushing by in a blur. My mind was exactly the same, the things that had just happened were as much as a blur as everything I had just seen. Is this just a dream? Where did the man go? How did I find a teapot exactly the same as my mum explained? Everything was rushing through my mind.

“Maybe I will see that old man with the beautiful dinner ware next year” I said to my mum.

“This was the Generations Antique fair” she said.  “No one over 50 years old was there.” My jaw dropped!

This mystery would haunt me over every cup of tea my mother and I shared for the rest of our lives, but one thing was for certain- going to the market would never be boring again!


The thing I am most proud of in this story is my characters growth. And the usage of the power of threes. The things I should get better at next time are to make sure I don’t restate things when the characters in my story are saying something and how they say it.The thing I should do better next time is include more similes and metaphors.


Terror on The Road

 “Ready Set go” The challenge had started and Ebony’s team was ready to go the left school when they came across a bridge from there they waited for a bus . the one thing they didn’t notice was that they where getting closer to the road. After a while they stated getting mad at each other and telling each other to be quiet. Then one of the pushed each other onto the road and just before she took a step n the road somebody pulled her back.

Text Type Story

The Launtry family had just moved into there new house where they thought it wasn’t old. But it was very old.

Kaylee and Emma looked through the rooms and they picked the two rooms next to each other. The girls started unpacking and putting away there things in there draws and closet. It took them all day to get fully unpacked. All was left in there rooms where the boxes to put away. They got up and went downstairs where no one was there. “Where are they” Asked Kaylee. But there was no answer. She walked around the house where she saw a white floating thing was in Emma’s room. Emma and the rest of the family was in there. But they were not awake only Emma was. “RUN!” Screamed Emma. But it was to late Kaylee had been taken to.    

A Windy Day!

“Bye” I screamed as Ella, Kira, Caelen and I skipped of to the playground. We all raced to the swings as we usally did. I got the swing that I wanted and started swinging. “Whosh” The wind was getting stronger. “Whoosh” This time it was neally picking Kira off the ground (The smallest one) “Whooosh” This time it did. “Grab her” I yelled.

We pulled he down and got into the cubby house. In the cubby house the wind got stronger and stronger and we where waiting for the wing to die down. “We have to wait, in here we are safe” I said “Are you sure” Asked Ella . “Yes” I said lying through my teeth.

I stepped outside with Kira on my back and Ella and Caelen at my sides. Holding my hands. We walked, and when the wind blew it made the sound. “Whoosh” We jumped to the ground. We had made it to my caravan where we where safe. Away from the wind.

Text Type Story!

“Wow” I said as I walked up the steps of the Netball, Hockey State Center.    “lets go” Yelled Emma. We all ran up the stairs and into the center where we saw the netball court.

“Lets win this” Everybody said in a huddle, We will win this so we will make Parkville proud.

The whistle blew, “On court” the umpire yelled. We all ran on court.The whistle blew we all ran out the ball flew out of everyone’s hand’s. From one to another. Goal by goal I shot we were one more goal from winning.

We got back on court and started play when somebody tripped over Emma we all ran over. It was obvious Emma’s finger was broken.

“Red card” Yelled the umpire. And somebody called the ambulance and the ambulance came in 5 minutes to pick Emma up. We continued the game. We had won, the score was 27 – 22.

Trouble on Main Street!

“Why is it you that always falls asleep Lucy” Asked Miss Italiano.                     “I don’t know why”  Complained Lucy.It was another boring day back in 1870 and Lucy had fallen asleep again.  “You better not fall asleep again or I will bring out the cane!” Said Miss Italiano.

It was yet another time Lucy had been told off and the last. Lucy was small but very drowsy and falls asleep in even the most complicated times. If she falls asleep again there will be trouble. As Lucy walked home on the main street she heard a threatening bullet. Everybody was frantic and started rushing to the shops. It was the troopers.

She rushed to the jewelry shop. Where it wasn’t packed, she was really worried. And even in a time like this she was really drowsy. She struggled to stay awake. I can stop you from worrying. I have a horse out the back but we have to be quiet.The jewelry shop became quiet.                                        “Lets go” He exclaimed.

Quietly everybody got into the cart. And he dropped everyone off. I got home and ran inside.

” Mum where is dad ?”

“In the mines. But he forgot his license. He is never coming home” She said with her eyes filled with tears.

“Why is he so forgetful?”

Authors comments:

They story I wrote has an intriguing question at the very start and one at the very end. This intrigues the reader to read more. I could have chosen out of an: intriguing question, feeling, intense action, sound affects and sensory description. For example my first paragraph: “Why is it you that always falls asleep Lucy?” Asked Miss Italiano. And my last paragraph:”Why is he so forgetful?”  

We also had to do a paragraph sandwich. Which is a paragraph that has a filling for example.

It has to have a topic sentence to explain the topic. Then topic there comes a supporting sentence which is supporting the topic sentence. After the supporting sentence there comes a detail sentence which is supporting the supporting sentence. After that there comes a closing sentence which is closing of the paragraph. The title of this story was chosen after the story because that is when it is the best time to chose it because you can go over your writing and and come up with one that suits the story.  




The Race Around Australia!

As Lucy got out of her bed she got startled it was the race around Australia today. She quickly got ready because she was going to compete. It was the biggest race of the year everyone in Australia came and gathered in Melbourne.

“Let’s go” Yelled Lucy, “We need to go” She Screamed.

When she arrived her mum wished her good luck. When she saw the balloon she was in she got startled she checked if she had everything: Water, Food, a Torch, Spare rope and a lighter.

I don’t have a lighter” she screamed.


“As the local council for this small town I believe the rules are: No cheating, No skipping areas and if someone is in trouble help them” He yelled through the microphone. Everyone felt lousy after him screaming through the microphone.

“Ready set go” The ropes were cut and the race had started. I don’t have a lighter she whispered to herself. Lucy’s long blonde hair was blowing through the wind. Steering around people’s air balloons with the rope her dad made for her made it a lot easier. Sooner or later the wind wasn’t very strong it made it hard. Lucy had passed South Australia, passed Perth and passed the Northern Territory in 48 hours. I must be winning.

At that moment the fire that was keeping her up blow out.

“Help” She screamed.

“Help Me”

She looked through the emergency pack no lighter. Then all of a sudden somebody’s air balloon had casted a big shadow over her balloon. What do you need? A lighter to light my air balloon so I can fly upwards not downwards. And I need it quickly. There was a silence and then a rope came with a lighter attached came flying down Lucy quickly untied it. And lit it up again she was safe.

“Thanks” She screamed. There was no answer. There winning she said to herself.

Lucy had to do something to win. So with her rope she pulled it back and of she went in 18 hours she had caught up to him and she was 3 kilometres away from Melbourne. Before she knew it she was above the place she wanted to be and with a tug of the rope she was falling. 2 seconds before she hit the ground she lit the balloon and it peacefully hit the ground she had won!

“When I got out of the air balloon it felt great to touch the ground.” She said

“As a winner how does it fell to win?” Asked a perky reporter.

“Great” She Exclaimed. After all the questions they had asked. Lucy went straight to bed. Who was the person who saved me?