Camp 2015 Poem

Green, Blue, Yellow

The grass sway’s and swish’s as the afternoon breeze moves it along.

Green, Blue, Yellow

The sky as blue as blue can be

Green, Blue, Yellow

The yellow sun is shining and reflecting of the water

Fun, Happy, Excited

The children are bright just like the sun

Fun, Happy, Excited

The teachers are relaxed and ready for fun

Fun, Happy, Excited

Everyone has a smile on a smile as big as can be

Fun, Sad, excited

People are sad that camp is over yet it brings joy to see family

BTN: National Threatened Species Day!

This BTN report was all about endangered and extinct Australian animals. It informed me that the last thylacine died in a zoo in Hobart, just one of the many extinct Australian animals. It also said that 63 Aussie species are critically endangered, which is the highest level of species before extinction. I understand that this is terrible because that means we will be losing some of our animals.

A handful of other extinct animals are: The desert rat kangaroo, The dusky flying fox, The lesser bibly and The paradise parrot. Some of the main reasons of extinction or critically endangered are climate change, habitat loss or introduced species like the fox or feral catI understand that these animals cause a lot of damage to the Australian eco-system. I wonder what other Australian animals are extinct and which ones that are endangered are the closest to extinction? I wonder if there’s anything I can do about it? 






Dig, Splash, Plant

The year 5’s hopped on the bus along with the three coastal ambassadors and teachers and parents that were willing to help. We arrived at our destination and had an introduction from the green army and Kim who works for the Moonee Valley Council. We got a start with handing out the gloves and getting separated into groups of six and seven. They also had helpers from the green army to help and show some examples of how to plant the plants. There was around about 350 plants that needed to be planted in the time limit of 2 hours. (The plants that were not planted the green army had to finish off and stay extra hours).

At least every year 5 planted more than two plants, shrub or seedling. When we started digging holes to plant the plants we had some trouble because of old grass and its roots still being there. After some time the planting got easier and people were getting the hang of it. At times it got hard because of rocks and roots but it was still fun. It was also hard when trying not to cut worms in half but still get deep enough to fit the plant in it. Overall the day was successful and everyone had a lot of fun.

Thankyou Ant Brock, Lee Pregnell, Leigh Richardson, Jude Ryan, Andrea Tye, David Pizzey, Cara Richardson, Kim from the Moonee valley council and The Green army!

BTN: Public Money

This weeks BTN report was about Bronwyn Bishop (The speaker of the house of representatives) And her 5,000 dollar helicopter ride to a political fundraiser from Melbourne to Geelong. When if she went in a car would of only took 1 hour and 30 minutes. I understand that the people of Australia are angry and mad because of this helicopter ride. I also understand that driving to Geelong is a very short amount of time and I know someone who does it more than once a week.

Did she know she would of gotten in a lot of trouble?




100 Word Challenge – A Dream Job

A dream job is something you would want to do when you are older and until you die. Like a famous person or the tooth fairy. A dream job is something fun and something you love doing it makes you smile and enjoy life that you would never ever want to die. Lila Blossom 6 years.

A dream job is a job that gives you a lot of  money and all your wants and needs. Sometimes you really want this job, But other times you have wanted this job since you where younger and have dreamed about it ever since. Amanda Flower 12 years

Ads Reflection

This hyperlink is our video:

Blaze the Fire

This lesson was about ads and how they persuade kids and people to buy there product

I know how to be an informed consumer by reviews,recommendations, prices, discounts, quality, quantity, deals and some ads. These strategies will help me be an informed consumer. I also have to careful about ads as they sometimes lie.

I learnt that they tweak the ads to make them suit every day life’s so that people want to get them, I also know that they write the really important things that could change the amount of money or the deal in really small font so that people do not know.

100 Word Challenge: Report’s

The rush and the excitement to finally get my monthly allowance  is like nothing else. My piggy bank the size of a coffee bean has been upgraded to the size of a fish bowl. The feeling of being rich is amazing and I can’t wait to go and spend it. – Lila Blossom 6 years

Great 20 dollars in the bank, can’t wait to spend that on my sisters birthday present. I would just wish mum would let me not get a present for her with my OWN money. And still 120 dollars to go till I can get my own bike.- Amanda flower 12 years


BTN: Kids’ Ads

This BTN report was talking about how junk food ads influence you to spend your money. I learnt that 3 in 10 kids are overweight or obese. 5 hours in every week of television are used for advertisements. Some groups keep a close eye on everything on television. It is called ACMA – Australian Communications and Media Authority. I understand that they make these ads to make children and some grown ups want to go and buy them. I also understand that the products you get are not what they seem or look like in the ad.

Why don’t they advertise at later hours?




Prepared Speech: What is bartering?

The definition of bartering is an action of the exchange of goods or services for other goods or services without the use of money. People still use bartering for vital needs, but back in the older days bartering was used more than once a day.

It is hard to imagine our world without money, isn’t it? And a long time ago there was no such thing. Before money was invented people had to get their needs and wants by trading the things they didn’t need for their vital needs and wants.

 The things people traded where all different types of things like animals, pottery and or other food sources. The rules for bartering are that they had to deal on the exchange and also they had to agree on the value.

Sooner or later people started to realise how easy money is to carry around instead of carrying big items like cows, bikes, horses or even fresh fruits or vegetables, to be traded.

Trading is a good way of getting the things you want with no money but the things you already possess. Say you have things in storage you never use well guess what other people could use those things a lot more than you do, why don’t you trade it for something you want.

 For example you got this great guitar for your birthday because you said you wanted to start lessons, all of a sudden you don’t want lessons, and this guitar means nothing to you but it sure would mean a lot to a guitarist who can trade you for something you want!

Like people say another man’s trash is another man’s treasure

BTN: Fairy Business

This BTN report was about a girl named Samara who started her own business making fairy houses. She has made over 2,000 fairy houses that she sell’s and shows children how to make them. She also has written her own book. I understand that it is the only book in the world that instructs you how to make a fairy house.

There are 3 steps she used to make her own business: 1 you have to have a unique idea, 2 people have to know about your business and the 3rd is you have to know how much money you will be making and to do this you have to know material costs and take that away from selling your items, this is called having a profit and loss sheet. I under stand that this would help you form a business.

How much do the fairy houses cost?